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Electronic Circuit

Don’t let that old Excess Inventory collect dust, turn it into cash!


The market is currently experiencing a build-up of inventory at every level.

Manufacturing companies globally are beginning to realize an overstock of inventory. The concern is that as demand slows and deliveries are received this will only intensify. Shortly, this excess inventory will begin to hit the open market and the price for these items will drop significantly.  This event will allow some companies to purchase product in the open market at a great discount while others will be forced to write down or write off the inventory.

We suggest you carefully review your inventory position and decide if the time is right for you to decrease your inventory position.

We are specialist buyers of Electronic Component Overstock; managing excess inventories for OEM, Factories, CEM & EMS Companies & Stocking Distributors since 30 years.

We are 100% focused on achieving the best possible price for your overstock; we buy all Active and Passive electronic components.

Generate significant cash flow and free up warehouse space with Line/Lot item purchase or Consignment.

  • Full Lot / Line Item - We can also Spot buy for the full lot or can do single line item purchasing for our own stock.


  • Consignment Basis - Please send us your list and we will market your stock with our inventory partners globally and contact you when a Request for Quote (RFQ) is made. We will try to get best price for your stock items.


If you’d like to get a return on your surplus stock, please reply with your list and our team will evaluate it and make you an offer.

OEM Excess:


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